Galloping Gypsy-Punk With An Exciting Twist

Gogol Bordello produce the kind of bonkers feel-good music that dreams are made of. This is not about rock, not about hairstyles or clothing or they myriad of other things indie bands are distracted by. Gogol Bordello are here to provide everyone with a fantastic time and they don't give a toss what anyone thinks about their outlandish attire or bizarre sound.

Like some kind of deranged version of Flogging Molly, the band gleefully jump around stage in their own little world filled with pounding drumwork and instruments that really should sound far more uncool than they do. Accordions and fiddles might not rate highly on the rock scale but my god this band make an awful lot of noise and if the majority of the crowd is dancing, it is a true testament to the bizarrely catchy sound they create.

'Start Wearing Purple' is easily the highlight of the set with most of the crowd singing along happily. If there's one band that can raise the spirits of even the most hungover, it's Gogol Bordello.

It is truly fantastic to see such an unusual band tearing up the main stage for a change- refreshing to hear such riotous good music. It is little wonder that the band have been upgraded from the NME tent since last year and with the crowd that they have pulled it is a damn good thing.

So, now we've heard it all- Gypsy-punk? What will be next, circus-ska? Opera-indie? Who knows- I certainly can't bring myself to care, I'm having too much fun dancing to the most exciting main stage set of the whole of Saturday.