No Crap Attack!

We are Scientists have been around since 2000 but have only been on the wider radar for the last couple of years, following a string of high profile singles. The band centres around Keith Murray (guitar and lead vocals) and Chris Cain (bass guitar) and throughout the set today they continually engage in amusing banter between songs that only serves to endear them further to the largely partisan crowd.

They throw their biggest hit into the hat early on with 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt' being the second song played and although it's not the biggest crowd of the weekend they are certainly vocal with the whole tent singing along. They play a fair bit of new material tonight and it fits in well with Cain telling the audience to "pretend it's one of your favourites and everything will be fine". Befitting of the name We Are Scientists play intelligent indie, there are plenty of interesting song structures and they mix in a good variety of style and contrasts.

Even for those not wholly familiar with the band it's an engaging set that's well executed and entertaining from start to finish. On a day when the line up is dominated by indie bands it's refreshing to find one that doesn't follow the well trodden path and that can serve up a good dose of originality. In short, good band, good performance and worthy of their second headliner slot.