Ready for a bit part on Holby City

The Casualties are one of those bands that you just know are going to get the crowd going no matter what the time of day and so it proves on the Lock Up Stage but when they bound onto the stage it's immediately clear that something is not quite right. For unknown reasons it seems singer Jorge Herrera wasn't allowed in the country, guitarist Jake jokes that it's because the authorities took one look at his teeth (which are rather prominent!) and said no way! The rest of the band decided to come and play anyway and they made the right decision as Rick takes over vocal duties and does a more than capable job of filling in.

You know exactly what you're going to get with the Casualties. Despite a seemingly constant stream of criticism from various parts of the punk fraternity (and scoring some spectacular own goals), they just continue to churn out 80s influenced street punk and you have to admit that they do it well. The performance is turbo charged and they fly around the stage constantly as they tear through songs like 'Fight for Your Life' and 'The System Failed Us...Again'. The crowd isn't the largest by any means but it's decent and those that are here are well up for it, they get plenty of opportunity to join in with a succession of big sing along choruses before one of the largest circle pits of the weekend. Needless to say this results in multiple pile ups and runs out of steam towards the end of the song but it's great to watch.

Towards the end of the set they are joined by Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta for a cover of the Ramones 'Blitzkrieg Bop'. They are a little one-dimensional but they have enough big choruses and catchy (yet simple) songs to give an enjoyable 35 minute set. If you've seen them live then you'll know that the presence of Jorge makes a big difference but today they manage just fine without him.