Bin Day

Alongside label mates like SSS, Virginians Municipal Waste are well and truly flying the flag for the heady days of the 80s and old school crossover thrash. They return to the Lock Up Stage at Leeds after a successful outing here last year and it's not long before they have the majority of the crowd onside with plenty of entertaining banter & interaction.

Much of Municipal Waste's material is firmly tongue in cheek, song titles such as 'Beer Pressure' and 'Boner City' should give you an idea of where these guys are coming from. As well as being amusing from start to finish though Municipal Waste are also a pretty wicked band, everything is delivered at breakneck speed of course but there's more than a hint of fine musicianship in there too. They also pull a big crowd, near as damn it filling the tent, which makes for a great wall of death (you know, split the crowd and then get them to run into each other at speed) comparable to the one headliners Sick of it All got last year. Their seventeen second epic 'I Want to Kill the President' is played four times, the first three a little faster each time with the last one being slowed right down so that people can hear the words! It's all good fun and very entertaining.

Prior to the last song they ask for (& get) a huge circle pit going even before the song starts! It had to be their signature tune 'Born to Party' and it's a great rendition that ensures everyone leaves on a high, make no mistake, thrash is back and 'Municipal Waste are gonna fuck you up'!