A must see band

One of our favourite bands from July's Guilfest, it would have been rude not to turn up at the Lock Up Stage to see how King Blues would handle the step up to the major festival podium. In truth this set was almost identical to the Guilfest one, but as most in the tent wouldn't have seen it there's no harm in that.

They merge punk, ska and folk together in a way that makes them appealing to fans of all those styles, plus the general indie lover too. Their performance is one dripping with energy, passion and enthusiasm which makes them instantly likable.

There is a clear political and anti racism message running through their set, front man Jonny Fox at one stage getting the crowd to shout "fuck off BNP!". As well as the serious side to what they do, King Blues are a real party band, the reggae feel that underlines much of their music gets many in the tent moving, something that can be difficult early on in the day at festivals.

The stand out moments came with the last three songs. First up debut album title track 'Under the Fog' which is their most punk offering. This was followed by the reggae-fueled former single 'Mr. Music Man', and the mass sing-along climax of 'Take It Over'. Here Jonny Fox split the crowd down the middle, getting each side to belt out the chorus lines at each other.

King Blues work their audience brilliantly, ensuring that everyone who turns up leaves having had a great time. One of the most interesting new bands around right now, hopefully the up-coming re-release of 'Under the Fog' will take them to the level they deserve to be at.