Not Too Bad Shoes

The second of two support bands featuring the word "shoes" in their title, Good Shoes lack the glamour of their blood red colleagues but aim to make up for it with jaunty punk pop tunes. Single, 'Never Meant To Hurt You' is an early highlight of their brief set, which carries on characterised by sharp guitar riffs and warbling vocals. New tune, 'Standby' goes down well with an almost ska, laddish energy that vibrates around their room. Their lively dynamic focussed on making punchy riffs and effective noise is not unlike that of The Hives, but without the latter's suave style, something which perhaps Good Shoes could improve upon to make more of an impression.

Unfortunately sandwiched between the headliners and the catchy and very infectious pop of openers Blood Red Shoes, Good Shoes are slightly sidelined but they put on a stellar performance which would perhaps impress more on a smaller stage.