I predict a Riot

Our old friends Sixnationstate return to Manchester for the second time in a month for their basement slot at Dry Bar. They pull easily the biggest crowd of the day in their and despite bassist John having to sit down for the whole set (see their myspace blog for details on that one!) they prove once again why they are making us sit up & take notice.

Kicking off with 'Can't Let Go' they are into their stride straight away, which is no surprise as given the huge amount of touring they do they were bound to develop into a polished outfit. The sound is good, the crowd are bobbing their heads and the quality of material shines through; 'Keep Dancing' (with apologies to John from Gerry as he clearly can't!), the infectious 'So Long' and 'I Hate the Summer' follow in quick succession. There's a bottle doing the rounds up on stage & I don't know what's in it but whatever it is seems to have energised Neil as he is on fine form and never stops moving. It's indie with a punk/reggae/psychedelic tinge and it's nothing but refreshing, sounding like no other band that has played In The City all weekend.

'Everybody Wants to be My Friend' and 'We Could Be Happy' both have the kind of hooks that most bands would kill for yet 6NS seem able to churn them out at will. '1234' really gets the crowd going with it's audience participation and it's clear that everyone is having a good time, particularly Gerry, who seems to have had a little too much of the magic potion and is dancing around like a lunatic! Alas I have to make a swift exit towards the end of their set to catch Capdown's farewell tour across town but my spies tell me that further chaos ensued with Gerry knocking over numerous objects. Sixnationstate are a great band and they give their all at every gig, which is so refreshing to see and means that even if the music isn't up your street you can't fail to enjoy the performance. Amongst the sea of average bands on at ITC they stand out like a sore but rather majestic thumb.