The Parlotones are a four piece from London that have made the long trip up to Manchester for In The City. It's a long way to come for a small crowd but unfortunately that's just what they get. The mark of a good band however is that whether it's two or two hundred people they still give it their all and The Parlotones might not be the most active band but singer/guitarist Kahn Morbee does a good job as front man.

The problem with The Parlotones is that despite being a very good band, at an event like In The City, which is awash with good indie bands, they just don't have enough that's different about them to stand out from the crowd. They do have some good songs, 'Louder than Bombs' for example is a great upbeat slab of indie rock but it's effect is lessened by weaker material that whilst not bad is not great either.

The last song 'Window Shopping' is the pick of the bunch and has a feel of Snow Patrol about it, no bad thing you might say but it's precisely the problem, there's nothing new. Definite talent but a rethink is probably required if they really want to get away from the competition.