Flower Power

The Jessie Rose Trip are a duo (at present) that present an interesting mix of soul fusion to the In The City crowd at Manchester's Dry Bar.

Early on they come across as more of a quirky indie band with Jessie playing guitar to drum accompaniment. It's immediately evident that she has a good voice, which manages to distract you from her garish purple and green outfit! She also proves herself to be a good guitarist but early on at least the songs aren't that impressive, there's no real chorus much of the time and they do seem to ramble a little.

It all picks up however when Jessie switches to keyboards, the whole feel of the material changes and it works far better. The songs become a little livelier, more upbeat and evoke a bigger reaction from the crowd who thus far had been rather reserved. Songs such as 'Singing Makes Me Happy' get the foot tapping and it goes on to be an enjoyable second half of the set. It's still early days and it will be interesting to see what difference a full band makes should they choose to go down that route. There could be something special going on with The Jessie Rose Trip, they just need a little fine tuning to fulfil their undoubted potential.