Boys to Men

The Boy Majors are a five piece from Manchester and on first impressions you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were just yet another up beat indie band. To be fair that impression wouldn't be totally unfounded but as their set progresses they do have something a little more interesting going on.

It's evident that they have some nice ideas but today at least they are just not very well executed. They aren't helped by the crap PA, which makes Jordan's vocals come across very high pitched and whiney. It's more than that today though, the drums are a little loose and the whole performance just isn't quite right. They don't get much of a reaction from the crowd and you have to put that down to the performance as the assembled have been applauding similar exponents all day.

One to watch because it's obvious they can do better than they have today, check out their myspace page, they sound much better on there!