Lifebelts at the ready

Saving Grace are a light weight indie three piece from Cheshire. They've toured Italy twice, released their own EP and supported Elliot Minor on a UK tour. Not bad at all but today I find them an acquired taste at best.

They sound a bit like The Coral and any other airy fairy throw away indie pop that you may care to mention. It's all mid paced, a bit dull and after the first couple of songs just plain boring. They are decent enough performers but they lack any verve or punch. Citing their influences as The Finn Brothers, Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello and Nick Drake it gives you some idea of what they sound like, in short not very exciting.

Reaction from the crowd is mixed; some seem to really dig them whilst others barely acknowledge their existence! They have some nice harmonies but the songs aren't very memorable and really that's all you can say about them nice.