Capdown are in Manchester again and the Academy 3 is sold out again. It's a safe bet that this would have happened anyway but tonight it was guaranteed after the band announced they were splitting up after this current tour, following ten years together.

After being well warmed up by the ever impressive King Blues the capacity crowd need no encouragement to get moving. They kick off proceedings with 'Progression vs Punk Rock' before 'Cousin Cleotis' has the crowd as far back as the mixing desk bouncing in unison and it's just brilliant to watch. Many of the crowd take the opportunity to stage dive and from 'Surviving the Death of a Genre' onwards there is a near constant stream of punters clambering up onto the stage. Capdown always put on a great show but tonight is something special and as if to give something back to the faithful singer Jake does a forward somersault into the crowd during 'Positivity'.

The set list contains all the usual favourites and really they have no choice but to play them tonight and the crowd lap up every one with increasingly rapturous applause. Jake flies across the stage throughout whilst bassist Boob wears a permanent grin and constantly interacts with the crowd. Capdown mix ska, punk, hardcore and dub to devastating effect and whichever genre their plucking from they remain an incredibly tight band, which over the years has been one of the major factors in their success. 'Keeping Up Appearances', 'Home is Where the Start Is' and 'Pound for the Sound' keep up the tempo before the band leave the stage. There was absolutely no doubt that they would return for an encore and you'd have got very short odds on what the next two songs were going to be. It's no surprise when they break into 'Bitches & Nike Shoes' but when Jake announces Ska Wars the crowd take the roof off and go completely crazy. Everyone knows this is their last chance to go for it & go for it they do!

Capdown are a great band and they bow out at the top of their game. They have been one of the best live bands in the UK for much of their ten years and tonight they prove it once again. We're going to miss them, great band, great show.