Hello Sailor

Sailor Tongue hail from Leeds and are a four piece that formed last year; they've only done about ten gigs before tonight and on occasion they do come across as a little amateurish but certainly not in their performance, which exhibits a confidence beyond their longevity.

Choppy guitars, driven rhythm and a bit of a mess but in a good way! Perhaps reminiscent of Gallon Drunk at times the crowd seem to dig it and there's no denying they have a real cutting edge. It's between songs that they suffer tonight, with guitarist Trent constantly playing over every vocal introduction, which whilst all taken in good humour becomes increasingly annoying. Apparently they like to think of themselves as queercore, in case we needed reminding of this they enter into a short debate with someone in the crowd on the issue, which is just a little embarrassing I mean really, who gives a fuck? Why would you want to pigeonhole yourself by slapping on a label? It instantly limits your audience (rightly or wrongly) and the wider public really don't care! Just play what you play, sing about what you like and if people relate to it in the way you want then bonus.

Anyway, that aside the performance is good and full of energy, rough around the edges but that's what you want from this kind of angst fuelled indie punk. Sailor Tongue have a lot of good things going for them and if they can tighten up on the overall image and performance then they could go places.