Packed & ready

It's Monday night and In The City is still going and pleasingly so are the punters! Manchester's own Suitcase get a big crowd for the last slot in The Attic's 'Future Sound of Manchester' showcase.

Good bands tend to really stand out at In The City and Suitcase are no exception, they put on a tight performance, have the look and the confidence and some really catchy tunes that have a distinctly commercial edge. In Johnny Holland they have an assured and charismatic front man but the rest of the band aren't far behind him. The songs fall into the indie rock category but they have a maturity about them that appeals far more than many of the songs we've heard elsewhere today.

The Attic is not always the best venue for bands as the lack of stage and cramped feel can stifle the sound but it's decent tonight and the same lack of stage makes for an intimacy with the crowd that you won't find anywhere else. Some of the slower songs do wash over a little but there's enough strength in depth to suggest that Suitcase have the potential to make it. Certainly one to watch from this years ITC, it will be interesting to see where they are twelve months down the line.