Rock on Commie

The Red Star Rebels have the advantage of playing one of the higher profile venues within spitting distance of the home of In The City, the Midland Hotel. This makes for a sea of ITC delegates in the crowd but they have also brought a good crowd of their own.

Red Star Rebels play straight up rock and roll born from the 80s, it's all big hair and big guitars, in fact one guitar isn't enough for some and the over blown showmanship of the 80s is alive and well in Red Star Rebels as one of the guitarists straps two guitars on, playing one with each hand! They have big choruses, catchy riffs and it's easy to see why they were voted best rock act at the Indy Music Awards.

They seemingly have it all in place, the look, the classic rock voice from singer Blackie and a hundred and one different classic rock poses! Sure they are somewhat clichéd and there really is nothing original about them whatsoever but they are a good band and do their thing exceedingly well. What's more they have a good time doing it and that rubs off on the audience who give them a great reaction. Mid way through one of the guitarists climbs up on top of the speaker stack, then decides that's not enough and takes advantage of his wireless guitar to climb up on the balcony and walk all the way around it before coming down the stairs and back through the crowd, never missing a note. It's all very OTT but that's what you want from this kind of band and it's all part of the show.

Red Star Rebels rock in a radio friendly way, it's not cutting edge by any means but it's good fun all the same.