Tongue lashing

Northamptonshire's Sacred Mother Tongue have already made such luminaries as Bruce Dickinson sit up & take notice & it all seems to be going well with steady radio play. They combine full on hardcore metal with some impressive melodic vocals and much of the time it works. The vocals are clean in the main but with the odd grunt thrown in, which fits with the multitude of poses thrown by the guitarists!

Sacred Mother Tongue are a good band with plenty of heavy riffs and they're certainly hard enough to create a really dark rhythm but they never lose the sense of melody. They stand out today because unlike some of the other bands gracing the stage they always manage to stop short of descending into a noise fest. It's hard & heavy but it's crisp & clear at the same time and they come over well with an energetic stage show. Some of the material isn't that memorable but there are enough catchy moments to temper the more brutal sequences. They go down well with a decent sized crowd and there could be plenty more to come from Sacred Mother Tongue.