Like you mean it

Hailing from London Spit Like This have been going five years and have just got around to recording their debut LP. We find them in an afternoon slot in the biggest of the arenas at Hard Rock Hell, which whilst not sporting the biggest crowd down at the front has a few hundred spread out amongst the bingo tables!

The sound is great in here and they make good first impressions as they career around the stage, which is dressed in all manner of mannequins and tube lights. The performance is infectious and they succeed in getting the crowd clapping along early on. The tunes are glam metal with a bit of a horror twist and to be honest they're not that great. There's the odd one that sticks in the mind a little but beyond the impressive stage show there's not a great deal of depth. They cover the Rocky Horror Show's 'Sweet Transvestite' and it's all good fun but it's all a bit too whimsical and light.

There is enough in the performance (& bassist Vicky Spit's minimalist stage attire!) to hold the interest and there is some potential there but they really need stronger material than this. Reminsicent of Anti-Product but not as good ...yet.