Drawing board calling

Metal outfit Nemhain only formed a year and a half ago but have already made some impressive strides in the metal world having contributed to the Misfits tribute album, played Bloodstock and Prague's River Town Festival. At Hard Rock Hell though they are really under the microscope in more ways than one; they get a small crowd and a large percentage of them seem more interested in taking pictures of the bass players (The Witch) ample cleavage than they are in the music.

Nemhain certainly look the part with vocalist Morrigan Hell all cheek bones and flowing hair but it's evident everything is not right. The guitar sound is bad for a start, making the songs sound weak and the whole band look uncomfortable performing to this small an audience. They are not helped by the quality of the material, which is average at best, there's just nothing going on within the songs to really impress. The bass lines are dull and plodding and whilst Morrigan looks the part she just doesn't have the voice to back it up; it's strong enough but is a bit monotone and is often painfully flat. The interaction with the audience is strained and most of those wandering in to check them out wander straight back out again.

Perhaps they're having an off day and there's no doubt Hard Rock Hell will look good on their CV but the reality is that both band and audience will probably want to forget this one in a hurry.