Intricately Brutal

Cradle of Filth headline the Reds Arena at Hard Rock Hell on a Friday night & it's no surprise that they get the biggest crowd of the day by some margin.

As much as I wouldn't listen to CoF for pleasure I can't help but be impressed with them as a live band, they don't just play a set they put on a show & even without the projections or gargoyle dancers today you still feel like you're part of something. Dani is on fine form tonight and works both stage and crowd expertly although he doesn't have to work hard with the crowd as they are animated from the start. The sound is great and really showcases the bands ability, musically they are both brutally impressive and intricate at the same time. The long standing operatic backing vocals come over really well and coupled with some atmospheric lighting gives them an added dimension.

If CoF fall down anywhere it has to be Dani's vocals, he just sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings! Don't get me wrong, sometimes this works, particularly in the faster and harder moments but when the band take it down a notch and inject some melody he just can't follow them. By contrast the guitar work is frantic but controlled and the drumming of Martin Skaroupa is just phenomenal! 'Ghost in the Fog', 'Principal of Evil' and 'Tortured Soul' all serve to whip the crowd up even further and they give the band a rousing reaction as they finish. You can't fail to be entertained by CoF, whether you enjoy what they do or are bemused by it there's always something to talk about. Today they leave triumphant.