In Distorion We Trust

We'd been on the go (for 'go' read beer!) since midday so it's fair to say that by the time Sweden's Crucified Barbara take the stage at 2.30am we're starting to flag and thoughts of finding a bed aren't far from the mind. Five minutes before they come on the area in front of the stage is almost empty but from nowhere it's as if rent-a-crowd have turned up! Crucified Barbara aren't the sort of band to let you sit back and take it easy and in a few short minutes they have revitalised a flagging crowd with one of the performances of the day.

The fact that they are all female really has no bearing on the music, it's loud, fast and heavy and quite frankly they just kick ass from start to finish! You'd call it metal and it certainly ticks all the boxes but it's also very accessible with a host of great choruses giving way to good solos, all backed up with a tight rhythm section. Vocalist/guitarist Mia knows just how to work the crowd and expertly pulls off a succession of classic poses whilst never missing a beat. That's the story for the whole band really, they just look so comfortable up on the stage that you can't help but be impressed.

The set list works well and is full of energy, the highlights rather predictably being the excellent title track of their album 'In Distortion We Trust' and their pretty stunning cover of Motorhead's 'Killed By Death'. Crucified Barbara go down extremely well and have clearly won some new friends, it's just a shame that they couldn't have had an earlier billing when they would undoubtedly have played to a bigger crowd.