Keegan, Jacks...

New Generation Superstars are one of the bands competing in the Hard Rock Hell battle of the bands competition and as such get an early slot on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately everyone seems to have recovered well from the previous night's exertions and they get a very healthy turnout.

Hailing from Nottingham they appear to have brought a few partisans with them but on first listen they should have more than enough about them to carry off their short set unaided. They play solid, upbeat rock and roll in the style of bands like Backyard Babies and despite some pretty standard song structures they do it very well. Their set is not without problems though, early on there is a terrible droning noise right through a song, which coupled with tinny sound and vocalist AJ's mic feeding back makes for mixed impressions.

The sound problems seem to have affected the bands performance as considering this is a battle of the bands competition there is very little movement up on stage, which is surprising given the feel of the music. This lack of flair really lets them down today, had they given it 100% they would easily have doubled the impact of their performance. As it is there's plenty to like about them but it just falls slightly flat. The set is short but they get a reaction despite the problems and could well be ones to watch.