Jingle Jangle Jong.

They may have a name that stands them out from the crowd but there was little in the music from the band on the NME Tour to indicate they have a sound that is distinctive as their moniker. This isn’t a bad thing and originality has never been the most highly regarded aspect in the musical world but there are countless other bands making the sort of crowd that Joe Lean and his gang conjure up.

The crowd that had gathered for them seemed to appreciate it as they shimmied along and roared at the end of each song but given the crowd had also praised Does It Offend You Yeah?, its apparent that they aren’t the greatest judge of musical character.

‘Lucio Starts Fires’, a former single, proved to be the catchiest number and was well received, with a chorus that tipped up towards the end. Having finally caught the band theres no doubt that they’ll be able to appeal to a decent sized fanbase and their brand of jingle jangle pop isn’t going to cause offence but on the night, they never did enough to show that they can go head to head with the bigger acts. Considering this years NME Tour featured one of the more subdued line-ups with regards to band (and brand) awareness, Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong missed a decent opportunity to mark themselves out as being one of the bands to watch in the future.