Totally un-Mexico.

When thinking about the name Does It Offend You Yeah?, its hard to get the image of Nathan Barley out of your head. Its easy to picture the staff at Sugarape magazine listening to this band in between playing cock, muff bumhole and wondering what art movement they should steal from next.

The band managed to tap into the Glasgow neddy dance mantra by bellowing “Here we, Here we, Here we fucken go” repeatedly, which was adored by the young crowd, some of whom were probably swearing for the first time in their lives. Hopefully they realised its great fun and will go off and do it as much as possible from now on. Especially in front of their parents.

The band proved that they are in touch with youth and student culture by name-checking Neighbours and Hollyoaks in a song introduction and the worrying cheers of approval that greeted these shows said a lot more about the crowd.

For all of the criticisms, DIOYY managed to tap into a lot of the constants that this writer enjoys in electro music. They managed to utilise the cowbell, the drums were powerful and there were plenty of handclaps but even with all that, there seemed to be a veil of fake over the entire show and this prevented the band from really excelling. The best moments came in the instrumental breaks when the band let loose and there was a moshpit for the last track, which featured as shredding feedback sprawl contained no melody at all. If nothing else, it gave proof that all chorus but nothing else doesn’t always work.