When the feelings gone.

Medina Lake are third on stage at this leg of the Kerrang Tour. They pull a decent sized crowd that seems to be made up of mostly girls in M.C.R. t-shirts who crowd around the stage singing back songs that all sound identical. Not the most scintillating or original band out there, Medina Lake ply the audience with wave after wave of tedious and bland poppy rock nonsense which they lap up like it was a free chocolate giveaway.

Their set is hard to keep track of as the tunes all blend together and after a couple of tracks I found myself wishing for another beer and resorting to people watching • although this quickly came to an end after I realised that everyone looked pretty much the same; it’s identikit gone mad.

The best bit of their set and one thing you can’t fault the band for for is their enthusiasm; dodgy styling and nondescript tunes aside, they seem genuinely excited to be playing; the on stage banter ranges from requests to “make this the best night of all our lives” to self depreciating statements and several thank yous to the crowd for being so great • it’s all quite endearing in a cheesy way, they’re just so damned nice that you want to ruffle their quaffed hair.