Glamour Of The Kill - Subverse at the Underworld, Camden

Music with a heavy 80’s metal touch seems to be making quite a comeback. Four-piece York band Glamour of the Kill, has certainly got the look down and tattoos all round, with a slight rock handle on it.

The passion and enthusiasm were at a peak with this performance. Energies were running like a marathon and blood pumping. The carefully crafted head bops looked a little odd but made the performance beam with force.

What they bring is some electric riffs that will without doubt keep you on your toes. The fast paced and very sharp guitars are the core attraction and as they play send electric shocks through your nerves system. Many of the songs ended quite sharply.

One song that particularly stood, and has been stuck in my head ever since, is ‘Rise From Your Grave’. It has such a catchy beat that I haven’t stopped singing the “rise form our grave/and take my hand” chorus since I saw them. Other songs of interest included ‘Romance Is Dead’ (how honest lads) with it’s the “our time is now” chant and the intense ‘Kiss Of Death’.

What I found to be the most appealing thing about Glamour of the Kill was the fact that it is the bassist that is giving off the vocals, and what a wonderful voice he has. In comparison to the music, it was the vocals that lightened up the atmosphere of the tracks giving them a heavy rock feel with a lighter layer of softness on top. There were the occasional scream from the guitarists but that was expected with a band such as this.

Here is a band with enough talent to fill Wembley Stadium repeatedly. I have huge expectations for Glamour of the Kill.