Burn the Witch!

Opening up for Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stoneage are a big draw. But there are plenty of their own fans here with a fair bit of action down at the front of the stage. Opening with "No-one Knows" was an odd choice but it certainly goes down well with the crowd and gets them all warmed up. It's a good start for the band and they certainly don't disappoint this reviewer when "Burn the Witch" comes blasting out of the speakers.

Queens of the Stoneage have been at this point in their career for a while now; it's unlikely they'll ever really do a bad show. They have the experience and the talent to draw big crowds and play to the crowd. However, I admit the show is lacking general appeal. Down at the front of the crush, there's a bit of action going down, with plenty of hands in the air. But further back, most people are passive observers. It's not a turn of events I like to see. There's a fairly blues-ey intro to "Little Sister" which builds the crowd back up again however. The crowd are beginning to get back into the game.

The obvious set closer had to be "Go with the Flow" and this gets the biggest thumbs up from the crowd for the entire set. The light show builds up, the tempo picks up and the show takes on the edge it needed. But sadly, that's it really. I think one has to be really in the thick of the crowd and somewhat drunk to really feel the Queens of the Stoneage effect but they play a very tight show and they sound excellent.