Putting 'Puzzle' To Bed

The past fifteen months have seen Biffy Clyro reach new heights, playing the biggest shows of their careers off the back of the success of the ‘Puzzle’ album. With the exception of a few shows in December, this Leeds and Reading weekend was the last we’ll see of the Scottish rockers for a while as they set to work on the task of topping their most successful album to date. Their Main Stage set was a celebration of the ‘Puzzle’ tour cycle and was almost entirely made up of tracks from that album.

‘Saturday Superhouse’ opened, with singles ‘Who’s Got A Match’, ‘Machines’ and ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everyone Dies’ also getting an airing. Brand new track ‘Mountains’ was one of the highpoints, simply because it was something different from the tracks that have dominated Biffy sets in recent months.

The only old track to be played was ‘Blackened Skies’ single ‘57’ which closed the set. For fans who’ve only discovered Biffy through ‘Puzzle’ this was the setlist for them. Those of us who’ve followed them throughout their rise would have liked some more older material but nobody can begrudge them one more lap of honour before heading off to work on new songs.