Satisfying the expectation

Like Pendulum in this time slot 24 hours earlier, MGMT packed the Radio 1 Tent to the point where you wondered how they’d have found topping the line up. Unlike Pendulum however they only have one album to their name and a couple of well-known singles, meaning that for those trying them live for the first time the set got off to a strong but slower start (that being in terms of tempo rather than quality).

The opening quartet of songs came from the second half of their album, 'Future Reflections’, '4th Dimensional Transition’, 'Pieces Of What’ and 'Of Moons, Birds and Monsters’ showing off the band’s more psycadelic side, a sound that is more reminiscent of Arcade Fire than the disco-feel of their signature tracks.

'Electric Feel’ had the tent jumping when it arrived mid-way through the set, and with 'Time To Pretend’ following soon after MGMT built to an excellent climax. They closed with 'Kids’, sending the Leeds Festival faithful away, those who didn’t stick around for Vampire Weekend, happy they’d seen a band that lived up to the hype and expectation.