Brothers in Blood

Last seen at In The City towards the back end of last year the hard rocking Dear Superstar continue to progress & with their second album imminent this was a good opportunity for them to showcase some new material.

Supporting Young Heart Attack makes for a decent crowd although being a fairly local band they seem to have a fair few of their own fans in tonight. As ever the sound isn’t the greatest at the Roadhouse but the low ceiling and stage make for an intimate setting that gives an added effect to high energy bands and Dear Superstar really make this work for them tonight. Front man Mickey continues to do his job well and if anything he has honed his act a little, dropping some of the more overtly clichéd rock poses and delivering a much more honest but no less effective performance.

The star of the show tonight is guitarist Stew Milton (or Rockhurst if you prefer!) who turns in some blistering lead guitar work over a set that bears little resemblance to that of two years ago when we first heard them. It all just confirms what we thought last time around, that Dear Superstar have moved on a level and the newer material completely eclipses everything that went before; it’s catchier, more melodic, punchier and just better all round, whilst retaining the raw energy and rock and roll ethic that has always been the band’s cornerstone. Of the set list it’s ‘Signposts to Bedposts’ and ‘Diseased & Distraught’ that impress most but the whole set is pretty tight and Dear Superstar should now be in the position to challenge in a higher league.