I'm bored of post hardcore!

Well, with a name like that I'm heading off to the Tuborg stage with no small amount of trepidation. I'm a Japan and Computer game freak so the name has a special meaning for me. When bands rip-off the names of existing trendy and cool things (for example, Mumm-Raa, Hadouken, Shai Hulud and many others) they tend to be boring, poor bands with a sound thats been done to death. So what can we say about Rival Schools?

Laid back.

Yes, for a band thats supposed to be all "grrrr" and tough with their punk edge, most of the crowd is sitting down and kicking back. Perhaps the sun this afternoon is having this effect? The stage is pretty busy and there are plenty of people with Rival Schools shirts on. Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but there is little to differentiate the songs. The band are too softly spoken for a real rock band, especially after one has just seen Motorhead doing this much, much better! Having said that, despite a few quiet songs, the band picks up their raw edge towards the end of the set. Their cover of the Human League's "How soon is Now?" was quite fun though sadly, this was their best song of the day. This band would be better if they sounded less like Oasis and tried for a more interesting sound.