Post hardcore punk apparently

The Tuborg Stage at Download this year, is actually on a car park. Not the smartest move the organisers have made really. Can't see a lot of moshers and headbangers having fun and walking away. Still, Fall of Troy are not to be stopped.The Fall of Troy is a three-piece Progressive rock band from Mukilteo, Washington, or so they claim. I wouldn't go so far as to say they were progressive today. Their sound, overall, seems to be similar to Johnny Truant (though obviously without the latter Canadian twang). Its a fast, punk sounds with Indie-style, clean vocals over the top, with some tough, guttural backing vocals thrown in for good measure.

The band are generally indecipherable, but they playing is quite passionate. By no means an easy feat. The band had all their gear stolen before the gig so kudos to them for pulling it all together. The performance is good but the crowd do seem a little bored today. Not really moving at all though there is a small fan base near the front. The sound turns a little Emo in places but there are some nice guitar sweeps.

"Straight Jacket Keelhaul" was probably the best example of their style. Speedy, post hardcore punk. Its done well, if perhaps a little overdone. Nothing special about this performance but certainly not a bad start to the day.