Mediocre performance today.

Argh! Not more metalcore! The lineup for today seems largely to consist of this genre. It's all the heavy stuff for today it seems. Nevertheless, 36 Crazyfists have been touring for some time now and are experienced enough to pull off a good show. It's a big crowd today and thats surely a good sign.

The band are thankfully louder than all the planes flying overhead here at Donnington. Theres a big crowd moving in from the back fo the arena with more on the way. Theres not a lot of movement from the crowd at first but theres plenty of chantings and applause. Theres no banner on the stage this time and the prescence of the band seems somewhat subdued. Odd really. The sound on the stage seems to be fading from left to right and back which is somewhat annoying and seems to happen somewhat frequently at Download. Not only that but the vocals seemed to blur midway through the set, becoming less coherent.

The sound doesn't seem as big or rich as some of the previous bands that have graced the main stage today. "The All Night Lights" from their new album has a suitably heavy start and garners a good round of applause but until the lead singer actually calls for a circle pit, none were forthcoming. The band close to "Slit Wrist Theory" which gains their biggest and best crowd reaction of the set but I'm left disappointed. Something was lacking from this band today and it's a shame when we all know they can do better.