One mighty performance

Youthmovies, or Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies to give the Oxford quintet their original name, played Dingwalls early on day one of Camden Crawl, and it’s likely they’ll remain one of the top highlights once the dust has settled after the second half of the festival.

Their sound is a fascinating mixture of melodic alternative rock, mixing a pop edge with the more melancholic side of Radiohead, and prog rock. At times they’re songs effortlessly switch from downbeat indie to full on seventies rock guitar sections fans of lynard skynard would nod with approval at. An extra prog/classic rock element is the length of songs. It’s so easy to get carried away by the excellent musicianship on offer; you forget that fifteen minutes in you’re still only on the third song.

The eye, and ear, catching addition to the usual guitars, drums and keys make up of this band is the captivating trumpet playing of Sam Scott. Even when Youthmovies are in their most rocky mood, Scott ensures they’re still a very chilled out band.

This fourty minute set was well attended, with those not in the know at the start seemingly impressed as the band left the stage.

New album ‘Good Nature’ has been out since March 2008, and is well worth picking up. If you like life a little experimental, as well as approve of ace titles, seek out the fantastically named mini album ‘Hurrah! Another Year. Surely This One Will Be Better Than The Last; The Inexorable March Of Progress Will Lead Us All To Happiness’.

Those who like Radiohead, Mogwai, 65Daysofstatic, Hope of the State and anything sitting near the Prog corner should find this lot to their liking.