For those who love to Rock the oldschool way

The stars of day 2 were unquestionably Cage The Elephant. By all accounts their first day set was something to be seen, and The Earl of Camden can be a bit of a squeeze when somebody good and popular is doing their thing. The Underworld was the venue for Saturday’s Cage The Elephant show and it was rammed! This despite only having released one proper single, the excellent ‘In One Ear’, proof before they took to the stage that they’ve built their reputation on the strength of a great live show.

The refreshing thing about this lot is that, where others fit in to a current scene, or go all out to be different, once in a while it’s best just to get down to basics and rock! Think a heavier Kings of Leon or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and you’re on the right lines.

Cage are already masters of the art of working a crowd, or should that be, working them into a frenzy. Having a good time is the most important thing about their live shows, with the band also poking fun at their home of Christian belt USA.

Their sound mixes blues, punk and Americana to create an oldschool rock n’ roll concoction that you’d have to be pretty miserable not to enjoy.

Cage The Elephant are likely to be a major live hit this summer, make sure you catch them if they’re passing near you.