A solid set played in front of a disinterested crowd

We last saw Yoav support Underworld up the road at the Roundhouse in February, and the Camden Crawl was an opportunity to find out how a fourty minute set compared to one half the length. Unquestionably the test was passed.

In case you still don’t know who or what Yoav is, we’re talking music with the funk of Prince or The Neptune’s, occasionally drifting into trance territory, but forget the big money studio production, this fella does it all via his acoustic guitar.

The stand out track was recent single ‘Club Thing’, a song that doubtless would be massive if Justin Timberlake had written it, however seems to have dropped under the radar since Yoav was never in a boy band.

Other tracks from recent album ‘Charmed & Strange’ to get an airing included ‘Live’ and his cover of the Pixies ‘Where is My Mind.

This set strengthen Yoav’s reputation as a unique talent well worth a look. It was just a shame he got one of the most disinterested crowd responses I’ve seen in my three years of attending Camden Crawl. It was like being in a pub or restaurant where there’s a house musician playing in the corner. The venue, a comparatively small bar, was packed, but most were more interested in talking to each other, with a few having the decency to acknowledge Yoav as each song came to a close. That shouldn’t detract from what was an impressive set however and Yoav has all the makings of a star.