They do a good job!

Now I'm not the worlds greatest Death Metal fan. Mostly I think its pretty much mindless noise that pretty much covers up teenage angst and sexual frustration in most metal fan-boys, rather than a medium of music that will stand the test of time. But this band, based in Glendale, Arizona, doesn't really put me off. Surely, they must be doing something right to be on the main stage at Download? There's a big crowd gathering for them as well. What do they have in store?

Well the vocals are pretty much what you'd expect from a death core band, but on the side, there are some really nice guitar licks and sweeps that add a very pleasing, melodic touch to the proceedings that you wouldn't normally get from this genre. It's a good sound that keeps you interested. It is, however, double bass pedals all the way.

"Entities" is a little more scattered than the rest of their set, and somewhat all over the place. It's not doing much for the crowd either who seem a little bored and not particularly moved by the sound. It lends weight to the fact that what everyone really wants is something you can move to, metal or otherwise. Again, nice guitar sweeps keep the sound alive. "Entombment of a Machine" manages to get a small pit going whoch is good because the band are certainly giving it there all. They close out well with "Knee Deep". A strong performance from this band and one I would actually recommend to others.