Lionhearts Return

Saxon’s rebirth would appear complete, they might be on the smallest stage here at Donington but they completely ram it with standing room only for a good 5 metres outside the tent! Their influence is now well documented and it’s good to see this kind of turn out for a band that have only recently come back into vogue.

Well they might have been off the radar for a while but it’s clear that Saxon still know how to turn it on (the bank of Marshall speakers on stage gave that away before they’d played a note!). With a set that combines old classics and impressive newer material the band just roll back the years and clearly can’t quite believe the reception they get. From the moment they kick into ‘Atilla the Hun’ they know tonight is a new pinnacle in the bands career. Singer Biff is on fine form and proves that he still has the powerhouse voice and the ability to hit the high notes, whilst Doug Scarrat and Paul Quinn turn in some blistering lead guitar work.

Through ‘Motorcycle Man’ and the more recent ‘Let Me Feel Your Power’ the crowd love it and chant the band name between songs. Buoyed by the crowd Saxon give a performance as tight and as worthy of any stage, proving they are as relevant today as in their 80s heyday. Biggest cheer of the night probably goes to ‘Wheels of Steel’ but there’s a special moment when they play ‘And the Bands Played On’ (despite telling us earlier in the day they weren‘t playing it!), which was written about the original Monsters of Rock Festival that they last played some 26 years ago.

Saxon are brilliant tonight and are only bettered by the crowd who are the most vocal and partisan of the whole weekend. Nothing short of a triumphant return.