More last than first

Second act on the main stage this Download Sunday. From First to Last are another American post-hardcore band. There's been quite a lot of these this week. On they come to the stage with the theme tune from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". Very funny. I'm a tad pensive with the Orange Crush Amps and Heads they have on stage. That always seems to remind me of the boring, un-dynamic sound that Clutch sometimes churns out. Sadly, its not particularly hardcore; the sound is much more indie in feel. The general feeling is that of a cobbled together effort, made worse by the fact that the two guitarists don't really work well together.

The crowd is quite small, probably because most people haven't worked their way out of their tents yet. To be honest, they probably have the right idea. This band isn't very exciting and they lack a stage presence. I'm not sure how they managed to get on to the main stage. Their vocals are largely emo and whine-ey sounding (though the lyrics are not). They do have the skills and can play their individual instruments well (the drummer in particular is quite talented and clearly enjoys what he's doing) but the crowd certainly aren't buying it and neither am I. I suspect this band will not last many more years.