The total universe

Valiant Thorr look exactly like you’d expect - lots of hair, beards and denim! They play good old hard edged rock and roll akin to the likes of Viking Skull. They get a pretty decent crowd at the 3rd stage and what’s remarkable tonight is that they are here at all after singer Valient donated one of his kidneys to his father just 8 weeks ago! You’d never believe it from his performance as he bounds around the stage throughout.

They are certainly entertaining to watch and the tunes are fast paced and catchy in places. With a new album out the following day they take the opportunity to showcase some material from it including the long winded ‘I Hope the Ghost s of the Dead Haunt Your Soul Forever’! The style of music they play is unlikely to ever see them break onto the main stage but it’s just fine in it’s place and on a Sunday night after an intense weekend it’s all good fun here.

Valient does rather over do it with the phrase “you know what I’m talking about?” and at times they come across as a little generic. After about 20 minutes the entertainment value starts to wear off, the catchy hooks seem to dry up and I’m not really that sorry when they wind it up and we can head off to the Cavalera Conspiracy for some real carnage. Decent but not great.