Comeback Soon

A mid-afternoon slot on the second stage is a strange time and place to find Canadians Comeback Kid, who would be much more at home in the more intimate setting of the Gibson Stage. The crowd isn’t as big as other bands have drawn on this stage so far today but is still far larger than they would get at the average club show.

Even if you’ve never seen Comeback Kid before you’d probably have a pretty good idea of what the live show is going to be like and they certainly don’t disappoint! Their brand of hardcore punk/metal just demands a full on and energetic performance and that’s exactly what they give with the whole band moving around the stage from start to finish. Despite vocalist Andrew Neufeld struggling with the distance (and height!) of the stage from the crowd they seem to enjoy the experience and that in turn spurs on the crowd. Hardcore really is a mixed bag but when it’s done well it’s pretty irresistible and that’s exactly what Comeback Kid are today.

The highlight of the set has to be the storming rendition of ‘Wake the Dead’, the title track of their 2005 album. Not that they needed any help but this really gets the crowd moving and ensures Comeback Kid go out in fine style. Great band, catchy tunes and all delivered like a knuckleduster to the teeth!