No blood left

Another heavy session, here on the Tuborg Stage. This American metalcore band from Orange County, California have drawn a reasonable crowd. It's double bass pedal, speedy, guttural metal. It's very noisy, with little in the way of clean guitars although the keyboard thrown in made for an interesting surprise. Sadly however, I'm not really moved by this band at all.

It all seems pretty much to blur. Theres no action from the crowd, no real sense of presence from these on stage and no real dynamics in any of the songs. This is quite odd coming from a band with four albums under their belt. Theres certainly a wealth of experience here but nothing really passionate or interesting is coming out. I think the crowd can sense this too.

Not that its all doom and gloom. For their closing song, the band manage to get a circle pit going that spans the distance from the front of the stage to the sound desk and around. That certainly got everyone interested and listening. But it's this kind of "asking for it" that really puts me off most bands of this ilk. If you have to ask to get a pit going, you aren't doing your job right. Whatever dynamic it is that good bands possess, Bleeding Through simply didnt have it here today. A pity and a let down.