Thrown down!

Throwdown have had a great string of tours over the past few years. This metalcore/groove metal band from Orange County, California have toured with In Flames, Lamb of God, Korn and Hatebreed among others. They have drawn quite a crowd together on the Tuborg Stage today. The groove metal label seems to suit this band as their opening sound reminds me quite a lot of Pantera, at least vocally, though they are a little faster. The guitarist is certainly going for the Dimebag look with big hair and the classic Flying V, BC Rich style guitar.

Already, in the first song, theres a circle pit going. Throwdown certainly know how to put a good sound together. The sound is largely good though the drums seems a little muted in places throughout the set. Beers are being thrown, the drummer is climbing his drum kit and the lead singer is certainly working up the crowd. The presence of this band is better than most that have graced the Tuborg stage so far.

"Day of the Dog" is sung passionatly though the guitar solos sounded poor . "Scum of the Earth" manages to get another pit going though I was somewhat worried about what might happen if someone lands hard on tarmac! The songs seem to be missing some kind of general tune which bands like Metallica and Pantera (clearly their influences) definitely have. The reaction from the crowd is good but perhaps not as hot as their 2006 performance. Theres some catchy riffs in there though and I think this band have potential but largely, I remain only slightly impressed.