Happy Days.

Derry based three piece Fighting With Wire are impossible not to like; on record they are fresh, energetic and heavy, their debut full length album has just been released and contains hyper punk-rock tunes with some of the catchiest and most memorable songs you will hear his year. Live they are an even more exciting prospect; the tunes coming alive with what seems like boundless energy, great on stage banter and those catchy melodies that you just can’t help singing along to at the top of your voice. They really are a must see live band for 2008 and beyond.

OK so the venue is not sold out, but it is surely only a matter of time before they take over the world. FWW have had a really good year, releasing their first full length album, having a video recently getting repeated airplay on MTV2, playing at Download and Radio 1’s Big Weekend being just some of the year’s highlights, and it’s all well deserved attention. Cahir O’Doherty FWW’s front man is no stranger to touring, having been guitarist of prolific performers Jetplane Landing for the last few years, so his bouncy on stage persona is relaxed and very welcoming and he really gets the crowd in the mood for rocking out.

The FWW sound is jagged, aggressive and complex but also has incredibly catchy riffs and melodies like Weezer and Ash butting up against Fugazi and Pixies it’s winning a mix that creates an instant upbeat mood; a harmonious breed of tuneful, fuzzy rock with hardcore sensibilities and beats you can dance to and when they play live the tunes that sound great on record come alive even more.

There is a feeling of real honesty about their songs; no pretentions, no bullshit, just down-to-earth, solid punk-rock tunes from a background of hard graft touring and raw talent; it’s a refreshing change from all the self-conscious fashionista rubbish that surrounds music with increasing regularity in recent years and proof that you don’t need a fancy haircut, metal riffs and dodgy synths to create something heavy, uplifting and danceable. The crowd in the Barfly obviously appreciates the FWW approach, because there’s not a still body in the place, everyone is quickly drawn in and moving furiously from the beginning to end of their set.