Born to Party

We’ve been looking forward to this one all weekend and it’s good to see Municipal Waste pulling a decent sized crowd over on stage two. There’s little point trying to over analyze Municipal Waste, quite simply what you see is what you get and what you get is crossover thrash that’s expertly executed and all done with a good dose of humour.

Right from the start they get circle pits going and crowd surfers as they rip through such seminal tracks as ‘Terror Shark’, ‘Mental Shock’ and the timeless classic ‘Beer Pressure’. Vocalist Tony Foresta launches himself around the stage like a monkey on crack whilst guitarist Ryan plays an absolute blinder and for my money is one of the unsung guitar heroes of the weekend. Dedicating ‘Black Ice’ to Metallica’s Cliff Burton raises a snigger or two from the crowd before they give us the excellent ‘Thrashing’s My Business …and Business is Good’.

The songs are short and as such they probably get to play more songs than any other band here this weekend! It’s good stuff though and sure there’s not much variety in what they do but they make no apologies for that and coupled with entertaining between song banter they do it damn well. They part the crowd for the traditional wall of death and predictably the crowd ensure that a frenzied mosh pit ensues. As usual they save the best until last with their band anthem ‘Born to Party’ (featuring the phrase ‘Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!’) and the crowd just goes crazy. Good fun, great set and a good time had by all.