A is for Agnete

Animal Alpha are a five piece outfit from Norway and that’s really all I know of them before they take to the second stage at Download in front of a small crowd (but then it is still just about morning!).

They feature some pretty whacked out vocals from painted up front woman Agnete and first impressions are favourable; heavy yet melodic and Agnete’s vocals, which veer between soaring melody and grating screams really give them a good edge. It doesn’t all go to plan however as she falls over at the end of the first song and then knocks the mic out of the stand a couple of songs later but this is soon forgotten as they turn in a solid performance.

Quirky rhythms and vocals are backed up with solid guitar work and there’s definite promise on show yet they don’t quite manage to whip it up to the point where they really impress. They get a good reaction from those at the front and there’s no denying that they do have some good songs but perhaps the early slot works against them as you always feel that they stop just short of really breaking loose.

They save the best until last however and it’s a shame that they have to finish just as they finally start to get up to speed. A quick check of their myspace site when I get home confirms that they have much to offer and are certainly worth checking out. Today though it’s a bit too early and the stage is perhaps a bit too big for them? Catch them at a club show and I’ll wager it’s a whole different ball game.