This band needs to pray

Oh dear! The metal-core returns to the Gibson Tent. But wait! This doesn't look like a metal band! No, they are all kids wearing T-Shirts and jeans with no tattoos or any black at all. Clean haircuts and a respectable look. Oh no! It couldn't be could it?

American, Christian Metal-Core!

Run Screaming! No Really!

Apparently this band prays before they go on stage. Believe me, they need to! Sure, they have a lot of energy and play quite fast but I can't help feel that this band is just a bunch of Christian, American brats who thought they'd all play out of sync with each other to make an annoying racket. The crowd isn't quiet but by no means are they moving or showing any sign of energy. They did manage to call a small circle pit into existence which, to be fair to them, was a big achievement given the number of people. Still, the performance was largely very boring despite a few interesting beats here and there.

I could be wrong. With two albums out, maybe August Burns Red are smarter than we thought. Perhaps they too have been watching South Park and decided that Christian Rock would sell. Nothing special about this band apart from this aspect though. A disappointing end to the festival for me.