Rousing Prettified Pop

Seeing Sons and Daughters outside of their native Glasgow for the first time is an interesting experience; the band are just as turbo-charged as usual, strutting their stuff with sparkling glamour, but perhaps a little more nervous, expressing surprise at how great the London crowd has been, with bassist Scott Patterson slurring, "Thank you very much", with Elvis-esque charm. It's a little strange to see the band, not quite unsure, but so impressed at their own charms, as it's obvious that they're adored in Scotland and certainly should be equally well-known elsewhere. The band's new album seems to see them going from strength to strength with electric tunes like, 'Rebel Without A Ghost' and 'Gilt Complex' winding the crowd up like crazy, however they've thankfully not left behind the fabulous tunes that kickstarted their early career either.

Fan favourites like 'Dance Me In' with its frantic Celtic shuffle and 'Red Receiver' emerge early in the set, while the band do some onstage rethinking of their plans to include new hits that need an airing. Singer Adele looks positively ravishing in a cheerleader outfit with enough glitter to terrify Ziggy Stardust into a comeback; she announces that the get-up is her "Kathleen Hanna riot grrrl outfit" specially for the song, 'Rama Lama', which is about "killing your girlfriend"; it even sounds like Scott's been practising his menacing tone for this number. It's this mix of dark, exhilarating tunes and personable character that gives Sons and Daughters such an edge on other bands. They happily banter with the crowd between tunes; Scott admires one man in the front's tshirt before Adele spots a Velvet Underground shirt which promptly tops this. Tunes from the band's first release, 'Love The Cup' sit happily next to the new material, especially in the case of the thundering 'Johnny Cash', which fits neatly next to the americana-tinged howls of 'Chains', as well as a rare play of 'Start To End' with mandolin playing from Ailidh. It's the new songs that really receive the best reception tonight though, showcased with vigour and excitement as drummer David climbs his drum stool for the rousing pop chorus of 'Goodbye Service'. He also gets his own solo at the beginning of the encore, preparing the crowd for the closer duo of 'My Blood' and frantic, 'House In My Head'.