Poor start to the day

Well, what does this 5 piece band have in store for us? They all look to be about 12 years old! Its the standard line-up with a twist; bass guitar, drummer, singer, lead but with a guy manning the synth desk. Could be a good start? Sadly not.

The front-girl started to remind me a little of Portishead; the sweet lyrics with a slightly melancholic edge. Sadly, her voice isn't up to that. It moves very quickly into a metal-core attempt at extreme guttural vocals which sound simply awful! This girl certainly isn't going to improve her voice at all.

The synth sound is overlaid with an indie, punk edge from the rest of the band but simply builds up to fast, incoherent noise all too often. Its fast and distorted far too much. I think the band was going for some kind of cheesy pop revival with a punk edge, given their dress is very indie and somewhat boho. Most of their "songs" seem the same with just different samples thrown in. Occasionally we can discern some lyrics but generally, this band was trying for some art style indie punk and ended up a total mess. The crowd agrees with me, not knowing whether to leave or what is going on.