Voodoo People

Voodoo Six are laying down a classic rock sound in the Gibson Tent this Sunday; something that is quite refreshing after all the annoyingly bad death metal bands that have graced this stage so far. What does this London based band have in store for us?

Well, clean, well sung vocals for starters. It's no wonder this band has supported Iron Maiden in the past. Despite only being around for a couple of years, lead singer Henry Rundell certainly has a good voice and seems to bear a strange resemblance to Baron Samedi with his half face white makeup and well tailored suit. He has an impressive range and can scream rather well.

To begin with, the sound has all the hallmarks of rock; catchy riffs, a bluesey feel and clean vocals. It's got that certain sense of sleaze that, although not as pronounced as, say, the Backyard Babies, is certainly there. There's a good mix between the rhythm and lead guitarists; they play off well against each other. The crowd are certainly enjoying it, with plenty of bouncing and applause. "Feed my Soul" moves away from the classic rock trend to darker and heavy edge which gives a nice counterpoint to the performance.

A solid performance from Voodoo Six. They have the talent and a good sound. It'll be interesting to see where this band goes from here.