New boys make good

Again, another band stealing a good sounding name from a cult genre. This always sends alarm bells ringing. This 4 piece band from Australia have a synth based indie sound with a good mix of guitar and good samples. The sound starts off quite epic. There's a good crowd reaction although the crowd is quite small, even for the Gibson Tent.

The vocals are somewhat kiddie and American sounding with a pop edge to them which doesn't bode very well. The basslines and guitar riffs are overly simple and not very impressive but they all mix well together with the synthesized elements which stands the band in good stead. The bassist seemed to dance like a reed in the wind; all jilted and demented which was quite off putting, especially since the mix on his guitar was a little low.

The guitar work was somewhat tinny for the most part with a heavy amount of distortion. As the set progressed the vocals became a little deeper (almost as if the band had moved through puberty whilst playing) and reminded me a little of "Bon Jovi" and other rock in the same vein. It doesn't last long thankfully. "When We Were Kids" isn't a bad song. It's a promising start for this new band. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.